How do you make Floating in the water even more enjoyable?

Add a Jet Drive!

Adroit is proud to introduce to you their all new Jet Drive water propulsion system. Our Jet Drive is machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum. It is fully waterproof with a maintenance free design. Easy to operate, this small and compact unit can be mounted on most kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or small water crafts. The Jet Drive has been designed to run even in the shallowest of water. If your kayak has enough water to float, our unit has enough water to keep you moving! The Jet Drive is powered by any 12VDC power source, including standard deep cycle batteries.

Our Jet Drive is designed with the whole family in mind. Providing a helping hand for that tuckered out child or grandparent and also extending aid to those with disabilities or special needs. Whether you need to get back upstream to your drop-in point or down into your honey hole, the Jet Drive provides you with that extra push to get you where you want to go! 


proud to say

Made in the USA!